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The most useful library sources are listed below, but note that this is not an exhaustive list, and you will find plenty of other sources if you look for similar classmarks in the same areas of the library.


Richard S. Katz and Peter Mair (eds), How Parties Organize (1994) JF 2051 HOW
     (especially Chapters 3 [Austria] and 8 [Germany])
Paul Pennings and Jan-Erik Lane (eds), Comparing Party System Change (1998) JF 2051 COM
     (especially Part 1 and Chapter 8 on Germany)

German party politics/political system

Christopher S. Allen (ed), Transformation of the German Political Party System: Institutional Crisis
    or Democratic Renewal? (2001) JN3971.A979 TRA
Gerard Braunthal, Parties and politics in modern Germany (1997) JN3972.A979 BRA
David P. Conradt, The German Polity (various editions) JN3971.A2 CON
David P. Conradt (ed), Germany's new politics. Parties and issues in the 1990s (1995) JN3972.A95 GER
David P. Conradt et al (eds), Power shift in Germany. The 1998 election and the end of the Kohl era (2000)
     JN3971.A95 POW
Russell J. Dalton (ed), The new Germany votes. Unification and the creation of the new German party system
     (1993) JN3972.A979 NEW
G. E. Edwards, German political parties. A documentary guide (1998) JN3971.A2 EDW
Hans Fenske, Deutsche Parteiengeschichte (1994) JN 3295 FEN
Karlheinz Niclauss, Das Parteiensystem der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Eine Einführung 1995)
     JN3971.A98 NIC
Stephen Padgett (ed), Parties and Party Systems in the New Germany (1993) JN 3972.A979 PAR
Stephen Padgett and Thomas Saalfeld (eds) Budestagswahl '98 End of an era? (2000) JN3971.A95 BUN
Peter Pulzer, German politics, 1945-1995 (1995) JN3971.A58 PUL
Gordon Smith et al (eds), Developments in German Politics (1992) JN3971.A91 DEV
Gordon Smith et al (eds), Developments in German Politics 2 (1996) JN3971.A91 DEV

Austrian party politics/political system

Nick Rainer, Österreichs politische Landschaft (1993) JN2012.3 NIC

Specific parties
(see also websites below; other titles are on order, so keep ‘em peeled)

[CDU] Clay Clemens and William E. Paterson (eds), The Kohl chancellorship (1998) DD262 KOH
[CDU] Geoffrey Pridham, Christian democracy in Western Germany. The CDU/CSU in government and
     opposition, 1945-1976 (1977) JN3971.A98.C7 PRI

Thomas Scharf, The German Greens. Challenging the consensus (1994) JN3971.A98 SCH

[PDS] Manfred Uschner, Die roten Socken (1995) JN3972.A979 USC

[SPD] Stefan Berger, Social democracy and the working class in nineteenth and twentieth century Germany
     (2000) HD8450 BER
Roger Fletcher (ed), Bernstein to Brandt. A short history of German Social Democracy (1987)
     JN3946.S83 BER
Susanne Miller, A history of German Social Democracy from 1848 to the present (1986) JN3946.S83 MIL

[SPÖ] Fritz Kaufmann, Sozialdemokratie in Österreich. Idee und Geschichte einer Partei , von 1889 bis zur
     Gegenwart (1978) JN1999.S65 KAU

Thomas Assheuer, Rechtsradikale in Deutschland. Die alte und die neue Rechte (1992) JN3971.A98 ASS
Hans-Joachim Veen et al, The Republikaner party in Germany. Right-wing menace or protest catchall?
     (1993) JN3972.A98.R4 VEE


Das Parlament and its supplement Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte
German Politics
Der Spiegel

Additionally, the Austrian weekly Profil is regularly in the Reading Room in the German Department, along with Die Zeit, weekend editions of Der Standard (Austria) and the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

You can keep up to date with German and Austrian politics via the daily and periodical press online too - try the University of Exeter index to online German newspapers and magazines, which includes links to German and Austrian online broadcasts.


The best way to keep up to date with the German and Austrian parties, and to access their current documents, is via their websites. You will find a useful collection of these via the Useful Links page.

Please note that the University of Bristol is not responsible for the content of external sites.

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