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‘New questions for paleodata are driven by the limitations of the ‘modern-only’ approach…’

* this is an invitation only workshop

The instrumental record of sea-level change is of the order of two centuries for tide gauge data, several decades for altimetric data and less than one decade for gravimetric data. In contrast sparse paleo sea-level records of known uncertainty extend back tens of millions of years and continuous records span 0.5 Ma. Data for the last 20 kyr has a particularly high degree of reproducibility. This workshop will consider the use of this data to:

- constrain glacio-isostatic rebound to correct instrumental records for these effects.

- synergy between archeological archives of sea-level change and broader sea-level research.

- the use of data from earlier warm periods has the potential to inform us about the response of sea level to warmer climates.

Organisers: Glen Milne, Mark Siddall, David Richards

Contact: mark.siddall at


Relative sea level, ice sheets and isostasy past, present and future*

(understanding the implications for human


Bristol , 20-24 September 2010