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Y1 Solid Mechanics Minimum notes

Additional materials

Critical buckling loads


Shear and torsion

Torsion video

Penrose graphical notation

Superquadric Tensor Glyphs

MEng units

video explaining tensors

more on index notation and vectors and tensors

index notation and tensors

sec. mom. angle profile


golf ball hits steel slow motion

tennis and squash ball impact slow motion

air balloon burst slow motion

projectile impacts

travel through the gear, 3min, from x1 mag to individual atoms

gold atoms, 5nm, 2 particles merging

earth sample - from macroscopically homogeneus to reveal complex structures inside, um to nm:

rolling, about plane strain/plane stress in a roller

2014-2015 material

Example exam papers

Formula sheet

Paper 1: questions and answers

Paper 2: questions and answers

Paper 3: questions and answers


Extra hand-written notes during the lectures

7-MAY-2015 Another example problem on principal values/vectors + visualisation of strain tensors.

30-APR-2015 Bending

30-APR-2015 Torsion, axisymmetric, plane stress, plane strain

5-MAR-2015 Elasticity

26-FEB-2015 Mohr's circle

19-FEB-2015 A revision lecture on strain.

12-FEB-2015 A revision lecture about the ideas of stress and the need for tensors.

5-FEB-2015 The date of 5-JAN is a mistake. Should be 5-FEB.









23-OCT-2014. The date of 30-OCT is my error. This was definitely 23-OCT.

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